Monday, February 10, 2014

yesterday a poem was written about me

"you were born
under a pregnant moon
by a coven of street rat
fed fringe and floral
instead of formulas
a gypsy nugget in fur and lace
a wanderer gonna make you're own place
in this necktie and cross knee world
you're an indian style sidewalk squatter
a north star daughter
a sneaker bottom baby in a dress
middle fingers to the sky and
nipples to the wind" 
- traci levois thiebaud
traci is a very quirky and creative soul that i met yesterday at a work-related event in montrose. there, she had a booth set up with a vintage typewriter and was selling/bartering beautifully personalized poems to whosoever wanted one - a very unique idea, i thought. i didn't have much on me, save for ten dollars on a free people gift card, and although i was practically a stranger to her; traci still managed to sum me up perfectly in a few stanzas. i plan to frame the copy she gave me <3

to barter/trade a poem of your very own, just email her:

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